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[Python] Cr@wl3r42 - Web Crawler Tool

Cr@wl3r42 - Web Crawler Tool

This tool crawls a web site supplied by the end user and parses every page to scrape all of the links.

#!/usr/bin/env python

# Cr@wl3r42 v1.0
# C0d3d by Gimmpy/Jacob Holcomb
# March 2013

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup # Version 4
from time import sleep
from sys import exit
import urllib2, Queue, base64, signal, os, threading

work2do = Queue.Queue()
httpRequest = None
allLinks = []
new_count = 0
discov_count = 0

class clientThread(threading.Thread): #Subclass of threading.thread
    def __init__(self, Links, website, _type):
        self.Links = Links = website
        self._type = _type

    def run(self): #Overriding parent class method
        global new_count
        global discov_count
        for link in self.Links:
                link = link[self._type]
                if link.find( != -1 or "http:" not in link[0:5]:
                    if "//" in link[0:2]:
                        link = "http:" + link
                    elif "/" in link[0:1]:
                        link = + link      
                        link = "%s" % link
                if link.endswith(".") == True:
                    link = link.rstrip(".")          
                if link not in allLinks and link.find( != -1:  
                        if link.endswith(("pdf", "ppt", "gif", "jpg", "png")) == False:
                        new_count += 1
                    print "[*] Newly Discovered URL.\n[*] URL: %s\n[*] Total unique URLS %d\n" % (link, new_count)
                    discov_count += 1  
def sigHandle(signum, frm): # Signal handler - Signal # and Stack Frame
    print "\n[!!!] Cr@wl3r is shutting down [!!!]\n"
    exit(0) #sys.exit(0)
def fileCreate():
    print "\n[*] Your current file directory is %s. " % os.getcwd()

        File = raw_input("[*] Please provide a name for the output file:\n\n>")
        fileOpen = open(File, "a")
        print "\n[*] Capture file %s will be written to %s." % (File, os.getcwd())   
        print "\n[*] ERROR! There was an issue creating your file. Please make sure you have write access to %s!!!!!\n" % os.getcwd  

    return fileOpen

def Jobs(Links, website, _type):

    thread = clientThread(Links, website, _type)
    thread.setDaemon(True) # Making thead a daemon thread
    thread.start() #Calls run()

def targURL():

    while True:
        URL = raw_input("\n[*] Please enter the website you would like to crawl. Ex.\n\n>")
        if len(URL) != 0 and URL[0:7] == "http://" or URL[0:8] == "https://":
            print "\n\n[!!!] Target URL cant be null and must contain http:// or https:// [!!!]\n"
    return str(URL)                

def creds():
    while True:
        User = raw_input("\n[*] Please enter the username for the website using HTTP Basic Authentication:\n\n>")
        Pass = raw_input("\n[*] Please enter the password for the supplied username:\n\n>")
        if len(User) != 0:
            print "\n\n[!!!] Username cant be null [!!!]\n"
    return User, Pass
def basicAuth():

    global website
    global httpRequest
    auth = None
    while auth != "yes" and auth != "no":
        auth = raw_input("\n[*] Would you like to use HTTP Basic Authentication? Please enter \"yes\" or \"no\"\n\n>")
        if auth == "yes":
            print "\n\n[!!!] You chose to use HTTP Basic Authentication [!!!]\n"
            User, Pass = creds()
            basicAuth = base64.encodestring("%s:%s" % (User, Pass)).replace("\n", "")
            httpRequest.add_header("Authorization", "Basic %s" % basicAuth)
        elif auth == "no":
            print "\n\n[!!!] You chose not to use HTTP Basic Authentication. You are now continuing. [!!!]\n"
            print "\n\n[!!!] Error: You entered %s. Please enter \"yes\" or \"no\"! [!!!]\n" % auth
def main():

    global httpRequest
    signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, sigHandle) #Setting signal handler for ctrl + c
    print "\n\t--Cr@wl3r42 Web Crawler Tool--\n\n[*] Coded by Gimppy\n[*]\n"
    website = targURL()
    httpRequest = urllib2.Request(website)
    _file = fileCreate()
        html = urllib2.urlopen(httpRequest, None, 4)
        parsedHTML = BeautifulSoup(, "lxml") #lxml parser BS version 4+
        tags = ["a", "link", "script", "iframe", "img", "form", "meta", "option"]
        types = ["href", "src", "action", "content", "value"]
        Links = parsedHTML.find_all(tags)
        if html.code == 200:
            print "\n\n[*] %s is online. Server responded with a HTTP %d [*]\n\n" % (website, html.code)
        for _type in types:
            Jobs(Links, website, _type)
        print "\n[!!!] There was an error connecting to %s [!!!]\n" % website
    while True:
            if work2do.empty() == True:
            link = work2do.get(timeout=.5)
            httpRequest = urllib2.Request(link)
            html = urllib2.urlopen(httpRequest, None, 4)
            parsedHTML = BeautifulSoup(, "lxml") #lxml parser BS version 4+
            Links = parsedHTML.find_all(tags)
            for _type in types:
                Jobs(Links, website, _type)
            print "\n[!!!] Error accessing %s . Server Response Code: %d" % (link, html.code)
    work2do.join() #blocking call until work2do is empty
    print "\n[!!!] Finishing up and preparing your results. [!!!]\n"
        for link in allLinks:
            _file.write(link + "\n")
        print "[!!!] Error writting results to file. [!!!]\n"      
    print "\n\t--RESULTS--\n[*] Total URLS processed: %d\n[*] Total unique URLS discovered: %d\n" % (new_count + discov_count, len(allLinks))          
if __name__ == "__main__":

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